Dear Zeed, Today hasn’t been good or bad. In some aspects it’s been very good and bad in others.Although Keli has been ill, he’s feeling much better than he was last night. The doctor said he has a chest infection. This morning however he woke up feeling better. He ate a heavy breakfast and then a few hours later he wanted waakye. I ate some of it with him. Elikplim said she’s gonna tell him to eat with me everyday so I can eat more Lol…..I had a really interesting conversation with him today. He gave me some drawings he had made for me. He’s pretty good. You already knew that though, I remember showing a few of them to you…

He drew that today

  Today he said “mummy you used to draw but you don’t anymore.” I told him it’s because I don’t have time to anymore. The he asked who my favorite superhero is, and I said Vixen. Then he said, “why don’t you draw her?” I said I couldn’t because I’m out of practice. He said “can you see yourself drawing her in your mind?” And I said yes. Then he said “then you can draw her. Once you can see it in your mind, you can put it on paper. That’s how I draw mummy” 

I honestly had to take a step back for a few seconds and look at him properly. He sounded so grown up, so intuitive, so wise. Kinda like you, actually a lot like you. I think I’ve been lucky with getting intelligent, wise men around me…lol. He told me he wants to be an inventor. I felt so proud! ☺️☺️I told Andy about it. He said I had a champion already. I know that, he’s gonna be great, just like you would have been, maybe greater. You know that thing you said about every generation being better than the last? Yup! Just like that. 

After that, we watched storks and fell asleep on the couch somewhere in the middle of the movie. It was a pretty chilled day up until I woke up, and Keli was still sleeping. I put the tv on and started flipping through channels. One of the stations was playing Carrie Underwood’s See you Again…..sad as hell. I just burst into tears. Ugh! I miss you so bad! Smh….See why I hate tv? You can’t control what you see. 
    I think I wanna get a new tatt. You know that day I showed you all of mine, you said we should get matching ones. Well I’m gonna get it. Not too sure what I’ll get, maybe another infinity circle with our names. Something in your honor. Maybe your face if I’m feeling bold. Honestly I don’t think I’ll trust anyone to capture your image. They’d fail miserably no matter how hard they try. You were completely perfect…not just on the outside, but inside too. 

It’s 8:00pm and Keli is asleep. I’m in bed too…I have an article to write and some calls to make. Work related. After that, I’ll try and get some sleep. It’s day 6, and I miss you terribly. I love you loads Zeed.