Recent uproar of Trump’s latest show of buffoonery has got me questioning if people have short term memory loss or just choose to pretend they are surprised by the moves white elitists make in securing their investments, and interests. Let me give you a brief history on how America became “great” at bullying the world. 

1. Invade the continent. 

2. Commit acts of genocide on the natives. 

3. Steal their land. 

4. Create fake borders. 

5. Enslave Africans and force them to work for 400 years.

6. Set them free but remove their ability to access education. 

7. Rundown their neighborhoods.

8. Import drugs into their neighborhoods. 

9. Burn down their businesses at every attempt to rise. 

10.Keep them dependent on the system so they become a consumerist population.

11. Repeat a similar less obvious system in their home continent. 

12. Create a visa system making it hard for minorities to enter the country. 

13.Create and fund war in Middle Eastern and African countries to control their oil and gold and other resources.

14. Bully them with nuclear weapons and airstrikes on schools and hospitals. 

15. Wall off your country and ban refugees from those countries whom you’ve messed with for decades. 

16. Tell the world you are protecting your country (WHICH YOU STOLE BTW) watch the world go up in protest. 

Are we sound on how you become a super power and an international bully? Yes? We are? Ok let’s continue. 

I am NOT religious! However I maintain that any form of discrimination against ANY group of people is WRONG!!!

Written By: Maame Awereba