• Women should not be in leadership positions. Women should not be allowed to lead. YES! Men have done such a stellar job all these centuries and millenniums keeping the peace. There have been no wars. The economy benefits everyone. In fact! Men have really done a great job especially in Africa. The haven of technological development and innovation. Men have really kept Africans ahead of the world. With their beautiful policies that encompass all members of our society. And for the past 60 years that black men liberated Africa, we have developed in leaps and bounds. We have caught up with all other races. Our health care systems work perfectly because no corrupt leaders have been milking the sector to buy houses, cars and pay for expensive vacations at the expense of patients. Presidents don’t steal millions in funds that should go into developmental projects for their own personal gain. Africa has the best leaders in the world. Foreigners can’t come and bully us in our countries because the majority of our male leaders are keeping us safe with their big strong muscles. Africa is so secure because men have done a great job at investing in security. We have nothing to fear. Russia can’t touch us. Our education is no longer the one left by our colonizers. We have liberating history classes researched by African historians for our children to read. Really! Women should just stay in their lanes. The men are doing a great job